Emergency Pet Services

If you feel your pet may be currently experiencing a medical emergency, please seek veterinary care right away.

Call us at 912-387-4518.

We sincerely hope your furry family member never experiences a medical emergency!

However, just like for us humans, it’s better to be prepared ahead of time, and know exactly where to take your pet should an emergency happen. See our recommendations below…

What to do during in an emergency

When in doubt, it’s best to bring your pet in right away — better safe than sorry!

Here at Satilla Animal Hospital, we can always see your pet during an emergency, at least when we’re in the office.

But, when our office is closed, you’ll need to call one of our veterinarians on our emergency line, so that they know to come in to the hospital for you. You can reach them at 912-387-4518.

Between these daytime and after hours services, you can rest assured that there’s a veterinarian available to help your pet 24/7, should they ever need care right away.

And if you’d like more information about what to do during an emergency, just give us a call at 912-387-4518.

We’re here to give you all the information you need to keep your furry family member happy and healthy!